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Sally Russell was born in San Francisco and raised on the Monterey Peninsula, one of California’s most picturesque areas. This beautiful area is an artist’s dream and Sally’s affinity for vivid colors, organic textures and playful patterns is the result of growing up in a place that is undeniably magical. She credits her parents with cultivating her creative spirit by encouraging her to explore her burgeoning talents – and never complaining about the messes she inevitably made.

Before devoting herself to her ceramic and textile business, Sally had a flourishing career in the competitive world of fine art. Her larger-than-life size papier-mache sculptures and whimsical ceramic totems, some reaching 12 feet in height, grace homes and commercial buildings from Big Sur to Seattle.  Creating and selling her line of ceramic dinnerware was initially a way for Sally to finance her fine art, but the thriving business has now become her focus.  She has a long list of clients who have commissioned fine art pieces – and Sally still devotes some of her time to sculpting. "I've always played with irregular textures, colors and patterns, and bringing these elements to everyday objects seems to be a natural extension of what I am already doing with my fine art."

Sally studied fine arts and studio arts at both Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo and the University of California, Santa Barbara.  She

also studied textile design at San Francisco State University.  Sally Russell lives in Carmel Valley with her family.

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